Thursday, October 10, 2013

Popsugar Must Have Box October 2013

I´m so excited. Today was the first rainy day since i arrived here in Hermosa Beach almost 3 months ago. When my little one and me walked down to our patio to dance in the rain, i found the brand-new Must Have Popsugar Box sitting on the stairs. Yeaaahhhhh…. Last month i received my first box through a coupon an instantly fell in love with it. You can see the September-Box here. As if someone really knew me and picked every single item just for me! So, of course, i had to get the October-Box as well!

Meine lieben deutschen Freunde, leider ist die Beautybox in Deutschland nicht erhältlich. Aber nicht traurig sein, ich plane ein Gewinnspiel mit all den Sachen, die ich aus meinen amerikanischen Boxen nicht benutzt habe. Ihr könnt aber natürlich trotzdem mal gucken, was es hier in den USA so neues gibt. Viele Sachen gibt es ja auch in Deutschland zu kaufen. Die Produkte werden auf jeden Fall verlinkt!

So, this is the Box!!!

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and even the footballplayers where wearing pink. And pink is the the signature color of popsugar, so it totally made sense to give us some very cute pink goodies. I love that they donate 1 Dollar per Box to breast cancer research. And i really like the little 

It´s pink & gold and gorgeous. Can´t wait to wear it! 
Even though i don´t think i would have bought it for this price. 

The book in the last box was really cool, but this one will be one of my new favorites:

Jessica Seinfelds books are always an eye-candy 
and this one is no exception! Maybe SHE can finally show me how to cook!

And we got something for the beauty bag, too!

Well, you can´t go wrong with that! The colors a beautiful and classy!

Something for the nails…
Julep Nailcolors. 32 $
I got the color Millie & the Freedom Polymer Top Coat.
Julep is totally new for me, but as i had to leave my nailpolish-collection behind, this will be great new start!
The color is a dark-blue-purple. Looks nice, maybe for winter - but i would have loved a pink color!

A pink hairbrush!!! 14 $
It´s called The Wet Brush and it´s a special edition with a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
I must admit i always brush my poor tresses when they are wet. It says that this brush has bristles that eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping.  
Sounds good to me!

Something yummy. 4 $
This thing is huuuge! And it smells delicious. I just took a bite and it tastes great.
I never had a marshmallow fluff cake before (poor german girl) and i will not share this cake with my boys!

And finally: Jane Tran Bobby Pins. 12 $
Ok, these are some pretty expensive Bobby Pins, right? 
Am i the only one who keeps loosing about ten of them a day??? 
But they look nice and i´m curious if they can tame my supersleek hair!

Oh, i almost forgot! We also got a 20 $ gift card from Stitch Fix.
This is some kind of styling service, but i´m not sure if i´m gonna try this.

I just love this box! It´s fun and alll the items are amazing or at least worth a try!

Ok, i have to finish a cake… And then clean up my desk, because it´s covered in sprinkles!
How did you like your box? 
Love, Hanni


pepsa said...

Ui, die Box ist toll! Absolut krasse Mischung, aber toll! :D
Am meisten würde mich hier aber auch das "Can't cook" Buch und die Halloween-Crispys anlachen. Viel Freude dir damit!

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